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Tricia: Idea Draft

The concept i thought of is to make a game where all of my favorite childhood characters of the late 90’s early 2000’s interact. They are all based in the tv show Courage the Cowardly dog show’s world. characters that would be included would be most from the cartoon network shows, nickelodeon cartoons, and some disney characters. that would include power puff girls, courage the cowardly dog, rugrats, etc. ┬áI picked the Courage world for; you can make up many problems the characters come across, no matter how far fetched because the show and world is far fetched and has a certain tone to it. which sets it up for a problem and solution to be solved.

There are not a lot of games where your favorite characters interact, only way you can get that pleasure is if you read cross over fan fiction, or play the two games that actually do this. (Kingdom Hearts, and Capcom vs marvel.)

Most games that are based on a tv show are not well made and if you have a game that does not have to focus heavily on what that or those characters story is about just the way they act and how they would act in the set world, you have potential for a great game. ┬áThis game would be for the people that grew up with the late 90’s cartoons and early 20’s cartoon, it would seem like a E rated game (E is for Everyone) but for the fact it is based in the courage the cowardly dog show world it would be rate T+ (T for Teen, + for and older)

This game will give this demographic the nostalgic of there favorite shows growing up with a heavy plot that they would love to come back and play again. The interaction of the different characters will increase there interest of how certain character would act toward each other.

Sammy Cordero – Tomb Traps

Project Description: A mobile Maze game that is interactive, and has an RPG story element to the game play. The game makes the players think, and enthralls the player into a fantasy world. The game is about an archeologists couple that search for treasure and ancient artifacts in tombs. They embark on an archeological journey to search for ancient artifacts in the tombs in Peru. Once there in the tombs  the main characters loses his wife. She gets capture by a native tribe that lives in the depth of the tomb. The main character Dr. Bernard has to find his way through a maze of traps, fight giant creature, mystical shaman, and warriors to rescue his wife.

Target Audience: Young adults from the ages 14-35.

Design Problem: Most brain game are boring, and don’t have any back story to the game.

Solution: Design a brain game that is interactive, and that has an RPG element to the game play.

Dimple: Idea Draft

For my final, I would like to propose an app that scans and lets you know what is in your food. The scanner can determine the sugar content, vitamins and minerals in a particular food item. It could also analyze and provide a breakdown of ingredients used. This will be helpful for people who have allergic reactions from a particular ingredient (such as nuts, gluten, aspartame). The target users are people with food allergies, people who follow strict diets, people with health concerns. This app will help people change their eating habits.

Josue Alberto: Idea Draft

Donating App

Mobile Application that changes the future of giving. This┬áDonating App will be a unique ┬áplatform that will allow charities, causes, and appeals to connect to the whole new world of mobile and digital donating.┬áWhether it’s ┬áa charitable cause or a charitable giver. You can now donate on the go to what cause matters most to you. This Donating App will make it simple, fast, and secure to join the future of giving.

Nathan: Final Product Idea


My idea is to create the ultimate resource for accessing information on and about the genre of fighting games.  My app will encompass social aspects, built-in twitch support, guides, and strategies to playing a myriad of fighting games.  Ultimately the app will be community driven, at its base its a template for others to fill in, in the vein of a wiki.  In my experience, there are websites that have similar capabilities, but lack support on other platforms, such as mobile devices.  The target audience would be anybody that is either just breaching the surface and getting into fighting games, or is already in the deep end and has a good base of knowledge about the genre.  This application provides both audiences a chance to practice and share knowledge with each other.

Dell : Final Project Idea

My idea is for an online forum where developers can publish information like the current status of a project, request for beta testers, or expected release dates. The community can also voice their expectations and share reviews about the final product. At the moment individuals would have to settle with outdated info or random sites that know less then you do. Anyone interested in new or soon to be released games can search by genre and get the most up to date news. Users will have a direct link to to trusted news and avoid any let downs from false information on the web.

Carlos: Final Project Idea draft.

For my final project I’d like to create an application that allows parents, teachers, and children to communicate more effectively through the span of the their academic and early life. This application will allow users to interact and communicate through games and video. As well as track and organize activities. This application will encompass everything from minuscule interactions and learning and lesson plans. It should be the go to application parents, teachers, and children.

Nafis Sabir: Idea Draft

Nafis Sabir: Idea Draft


For my final project, I would like to create a mobile application, that teaches users about sacred geometry, and allows them to create their own artwork utilizing sacred geometry.  The design problem would be making sure the application is balanced enough to appeal to novice users, as well as experienced artists.  The target audience would be anyone with a serious interest in sacred geometry or graphic art.  The solution would be creating an application that offered a simpler user interface, with a more complex layer of user options.

Marvin : Idea Draft

  1. Project description:  For my Project I am thinking about making a mobile app that allows people to rap, you can have a rap battle and you can also record your own instrumentals and raps. On this app you are able to have a rap battle with friends from instrumentals you have created or any instrumental you want. In the rap battle section of the app you can set the time each person can rap and you can also set how many rounds you would like to have. You can use judges of your choosing and they will have the ability to vote on the winner of the battle with different categories on the app. If you want to create your own raps you can create your own instrumentals or use any instrumental you want and start rapping. Once you are finished recording your masterpiece you can upload the song and people on the app can rate your song and if they like your work you can add more links so that people can follow you and possibly become a fan. You can also have people rate the instrumentals you have created and if they want to use it there will be a functions where you can remix the instrumentals or add the original to your mobile device.
  2. Design Problem: Most people want to create their own instrumentals to rap to and see if itÔÇÖs good enough to release to the masses to hear and this app gives you the chance to shows their skills. Others would like to rap and have a little competition so you can have the chance to prove that also.
  3. Target Audience: My Audience are people who are aspiring rappers who are a fan of the art form and wants a place to test their skills before heading to a bigger platform. This app is also for people who want to have fun make instrumentals with a wide variety of beats and sounds.
  4. Solution: This app can allow rappers to get a big following before they hit a bigger platform such as YouTube and many others and it also allows people to create instrumentals that can be used not just for raps alone. Now people can make instrumentals and raps for fun or to promote their talent and love for this art form.

Tamanda Msosa: Idea draft

Designing wearable tech that goes inside your shoes to moderate the temperature depending on the weather. The design problem would be how to get the tech to fit into the shoes and how to make the shoes still comfortable in the process. The target audience would be people who live in places with very high or low temperature cause it would be best suited there. The solution would be finding form fitting sensors and equipment that would not hinder the shoes’ practicality