• Warm-up Exercise
  • Creative Reflection
  • What-if Ideation

  • Warm-up Exercise:
    Exercise: What do the following things have in common?

  • A financial watchdog
  • An operational bottleneck
  • A communications network
  • The flow of time
  • The food chain
  • Frame of reference
  • A leap of thought
  • Moral Bankruptcy

  • Creative Reflection

    1. Students will select, at random, from a set of metaphors.
    2. Once every student has chosen, metaphors will be read aloud.
    3. Students will then be asked to again select, at random, from a list of scenarios
    4. Students will compare the selected scenario to a prompt from their instructor in the form of a metaphor
    5. Responses are written down and shared anonymously

    What-if Ideation:

    1. Designers select, at random, from several ‘What-if’ prompts.
    2. Students read prompts aloud and class ideates.


    DESCRIPTION: Designers will meditate on a concept for their final project. Students will write a 4-5 sentence draft addressing the following topics: Project Description, Design Problem, Target Audience, Solution. DUE: Tue, Dec 2nd

  • TITLE: “Name: Idea Draft
  • BODY: 4-5 sentence draft
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