T/9/2: Proposals I


Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 9.01.32 PM
(Structured Ideation, Slideshare by Gayle Curtis)



    DESCRIPTION: Identify a real world design problem you have observed your surroundings or environment. This problem could be political, local, systemic, or even related to your school. You may also use your homework from day (Proposal One) as a springboard for this assignment. After some initial brainstorming, you will add structure to your ideas by completing the following ideation scenarios.
    Use the Ideation Scenario Sheet. (see how to make a copy below). Once the Ideation Sheet is completed, post the questions and answers to the blog. This proposal will be used to guide homework for following class day (Moodboard)

    POST PARAMETERS: Due Date: Thursday, September 4th

    1. Title Name: Second Proposal
    2. User: Identify the user, based on the target user group.
    3. Student response (3-4 sentences)
    4. Context: Describe context or situation in which the problem exists
    5. Student response (3-4 sentences)
    6. Motivation:Describe an incident or condition that motivates the use of the solution.
    7. Student response (3-4 sentences)
    8. Solution:Show how they access and use the solution to address their need.
    9. Student response (3-4 sentences)
    10. Outcome:Describe the outcome of the situation – the payoff, the problem solved, and the happy user.

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