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Introducing Ariel Itshaik

Hey guys, my name is Ariel Itshaik and I am a transfer student entering City Tech. I am majoring in computer engineering and planning on getting an AAS in EET. Throughout my life I’ve been really interested in technology and math. I am currently enrolled in two math classes, linear algebra and differential equations. Some people might find that excessive and hard work but I enjoy it. One of my hobbies is jet-skiing and wake-boarding. I also enjoy playing VR, specifically the game beat saber. Overall my goal is to earn my degree, make new friends along the way and have a good time.

Introducing Jennifer Agudelo

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to say I hope everyone has been doing well while dealing with this pandemic. My name is Jennifer Agudelo I am an Applied Mathematics major (Finance). I am currently in my 4th year of college which makes me a senior. I started at City Tech with a complete different route I came in majoring in computer systems, a year in I realized it wasn’t for me. My older cousin graduated with a finance degree and I have witnessed all she has done for herself, so I decided to go in that direction since I have always been good in math. I am currently just trying to find myself a good internship that can allow me to further learn skills. I am looking forward to what can come from this degree I am just remaining with a positive mindset so I can succeed. Currently I work in a restaurant part time. Due to Covid-19 I did ended up loosing a lot of my hours because of slow business, and as well as not having outside seating available for the public. This pandemic was a big eye opener to me that everything in life isn’t always going to be certain.

“Intrducing Dief R. G.”

Hello everyone! My pronouns are he/him/his. I have been going to CityTech for three years majoring in Computer Engineering Technology. I earned my associate degree last fall semester and now I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree. I chose this major because I have that ability to repair broken electronics, and I always feel good about doing that type of work.

I am very good at math which makes it my favorite subject. However, I am not sure whether this will be my last math class or not. After my graduation, I hope to become part of a company where I help them build and create electronic devices or machines. I am a very good soccer player and that’s basically what I like to do during my free times.

One of the things that I am very proud of is how in four years that I have been in the United States, I got to blend myself in the social group while thriving as I was always living here. I worked hard on myself to catch up and now I speak a very good English, have a job, and earned an associate degree.

I think it is to say that these last months during the Covid-19 pandemic, my family and I have known lots of difficult moments and good one as well, but that did not stop us from doing what we were supposed to get done. Thankfully to God we are all safe and well, and we hope that things gets much better for everyone around the world.

Be safe everyone!

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