Professor Kate Poirier | OL67 | Fall 2020

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Introducing Omrit Persaud

Hello my name is Omrit Persaud and I am a mechanical engineer. The reason I chose this major because I have a strong interest in math and science which this field combines both with it. I think this my last math course I need to take. During my spare time I usually play video games or even play sports. My favorite animal is a Tiger. I was always a big fan of big cats but tigers seemed more interesting to me. Long term goals after college to get a job in the field that I graduated with or even something I am going to enjoy.

Introducing Jian Hui Zhu

Hello, my major is Applied Mathematics. When I was young, I liked learning math and knew that mathematics will my major for college. Mathematics is still my favorite subject. I do enjoy meeting new friends. I don’t have any hobbies.

Introducing Fabio Gonzalez Colacicco

Hey, My name is Fabio. I live in NY Manhattan. I am a junior in mechanical engineering here at city tech. I hope to work full time in an engineering company soon. I game and I am proficient and adaptable to situations. In my free time I exercise and play games on my PC like League or Apex. I enjoy modeling and working with software related to those skills. I hope to have a great time with you all this term. 😀

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