While we will meet over Zoom during the scheduled 8:30 to 9:45 time slots on Tuesdays and Thursdays, these sessions will be more like office hours than like lecture. You will have assigned readings to complete before the class sessions. Complete them so that you are ready to ask questions during our live sessions.

Zoom links will be posted on this page; zoom passwords will be posted on Blackboard and emailed to students.


Day-by-day lessons will be available on the MAT 2680 Course Hub soon. Reading the lessons is like going to class. We recommend reading the lessons out loud, with a study buddy or on your own. Take notes while reading the lessons.

Readings from the appropriate sections from the textbook will be posted under the Weekly checklists tab. These correspond with the lessons on the course hub.

Any questions you have about the lessons or readings can be addressed at our Zoom sessions.


Students’ weekly responsibilities include:

  1. Reading lessons
  2. Attending Zoom sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings
  3. Completing WeBWorK
  4. Completing OpenLab assignments
  5. “Other” tasks (some weeks only)

Be sure to check the Weekly checklists tab regularly.

Other details

Important course details can be found at the following links: