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Introducing Diego Portoviejo

Hello all, my name is Diego Portoviejo. I am majoring in computer engineering technology. I like everything that has to do with the new technology, that is why I chose this major. I will be taking linear algebra in the following semester. I am a math lover, so I am looking forward to the challenges this course may have. Outside school, I usually like to play some sports, and enjoy life to the fullest. I like animals, but I am not an animal lover. My plan in life is to fulfill my goal which is to graduate and get as far as I can possibly get.


My name is Raisa Ratri. I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering and would like to make a career in robotics. Strangely enough, I’m very excited about this course because I like math and I was able to have the same professor as last semester. Professor Kate is always a great Professor to have. She is genuine and takes time to explain when you don’t understand something. So I am looking forward to this class. My hobby is painting. Hope we all are safe and this semester goes well.

Introducing Shisir Rana

Hi, my name is Shisir Rana. My pronoun is He/Him. I am a mechanical engineering student. MAT 2680 will be my last math class for my major. Even though I like math, I would be lying if I am not relieved that this will be my last math class. I picked Mechanical engineering, following my love for machines and building things as a kid. So, I am looking forward to bring my inventions to life and share it with the world. I am also an artist, where I use a ballpoint pen as my medium. You can find my artwork on Instagram and TikTok. My hobbies also include working out and I compete in Amature bodybuilding shows, where I hope to turn pro in the near future. I have a deep love for every animal but if I were to pick my favourite animal it would be a cat.

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