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Introducing Deryck Nimblett

Hello. I am a Computer Engineering Technology major and this course is my last required math class. I wanted to take Discrete Structures and Algorithms in the past, but it wouldn’t count towards my major. I currently work full time as a Data Destruction Specialist for an IT assets recycling company. It is a positive environment, but a bit of a mismatch for someone who felt more at home working in comic book and book stores. Purpose wise at least.


Hi class,

I’m an engineering science Major with the goal of completing my undergraduate in Computer Engineering.

From an early age I’ve been intrigued by the inner workings of computers. I feel like I will do well in this field since I already have a passion for it.

Currently I’m also taking Calculus 3 concurrently with this course and University physics; so my semester is very Math heavy.

Outside of college I have a full time job which makes my schedule almost impossible.

With the little free time I have I enjoy riding my motorcycle -as I’m an avid motor-sports fan or reading an interesting book.

I expect this semester to be challenging given my schedule, but I am super motivated to finish it strongly.

Hello Im Tushar

Im currently a Junior in city tech and im enrolled in the computer engineer program. I love everything about technology and want to be apart of this modern fast paste growing technological society. I believe in math and the power that math can solve a lot of the worlds problems. As you can see, i love math, I also love to be active and work out as it helps mental clarity and keeps me from being stressed out a lot. Im a very active person, love to play basketball, travel and more. Im her to grow as a mathematician and student.

Thankyou for taking the time to know just alittle more about me.

Introducing Aron Singh

Hello, my name is Aron Singh and I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering here at City Tech. I was always drifted towards an engineering major and once I entered a robotics class in high school, and then once I entered college, I knew I wanted to pursue electrical engineering. One hobby that I enjoy is being a mechanic, although I am pursuing an electrical engineering degree, I do enjoy fixing cars, but I know it is not a career I want to pursue for the rest of my life. After I graduate, I hope to get a secured job and be able to settle down with a family and one day be able to travel. 

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