Daily Archives: February 13, 2023

Many Resources Available for CityTech Students!

  1. Library
    1. Short term laptop loaner program (1 week);
    2. Headphone loans (1 day);
    3. Small group study rooms that can be requested at the check-out desk;  
    4. Computers and charging locations for bring-your-own-device study
  1. iTEC labs, G600 and V217
    1. Technical support with BlackBoard and Schedule Builder (for registration);
    2. Computers and tables with charging stations for bring-your-own-device study or group work;
    3. Power cord loaner program;
    4. Web cam loaner program for online instruction on campus
  1. Writing Center – Now located in G608; enter through G600. Open house launch 2/14/23
  1. Learning Center, LG18
    1. Tutor.com technical support (Judy Rockway);
    2. Microsoft Office technical support.
    3. Computers