Computer Engineering Technology

Three Female students from the Computer Engineering Technology Departmenthe

Our mission is to prepare graduates for immediate employment and continued educational
opportunities through a quality technical and experience-based education. The Department of
Computer Engineering Technology takes a multi-disciplinary approach to technology providing theoretical and practical foundations in current and emerging technologies. The department prepares our students to be proficient with the basics of electrical technology, electromechanical technology, computer hardware, software, and computer networks, using engineering
principles to integrate these technologies to control electromechanical devices, and develop
computer controlled and embedded systems.

Through excellence in teaching, hands-on laboratory experience, smaller class sizes, and innovative use of technology, the department provides a friendly atmosphere for each individual where learning, creativity, and personal growth can flourish. The department is committed to provide a high quality education to students of diverse background and cultures for entry in the electromechanical and computer industry.

Faculty Liaison

Chen Xu, Faculty Liaison to Perkins Peer Advisement Computer Engineering Technology DepartmentChen Xu
Assistant Professor
Room V-644





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