Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering Technology

Three female students from the Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering Technology department

The mission of the Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology department is to provide academic, technological, and cultural resources and experiences to the students of the programs we offer. High-quality electrical engineering technology and telecommunications
engineering technology programs are at the heart of the departmental mission.

The department provides four ABET-accredited degree programs (AAS-EET, BTech-EET, AAS-TCET, BTech-TCET). We are dedicated to successfully educating students of diverse backgrounds and cultures for entry in the electrical and telecommunications engineering technology industries. Through excellence in teaching and innovative use of technology, the department is committed to supporting an open environment where learning, creativity, and personal growth can
flourish, thus benefiting our students, our college, and our community.

Faculty Liaison

Li Geng
Assistant Professor
Room V-739
LGeng @citytech.cuny.edu

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