Design Intern

Upperclassman+Graduate Internship

Brooklyn, NY

Design Intern

We believe in the power of light to create atmosphere. Rich Brilliant Willing designs and manufactures LED fixtures for hospitality, workplace, and residential projects using technology, simplicity & creativity.

Job Title: Design Intern

Reports to: Product Manager

Seeking highly talented and creative individuals who want to learn and grow with the RBW team. Interns will contribute to a myriad of tasks to enhance the RBW brand while gaining hands-on experience working in an entrepreneurial environment.

What Success Looks Like

A successful Design Intern will make a big impact in a short time!  We need someone who shows the ability to self manage and execute projects with prior instruction given; executes projects within the timeline allocated; is adaptable;  can assist in a variety of ways: model making, drawings, product and studio maintenance, etc. The goal will be to show growth in product knowledge and RBW development process.

Responsibilities & Key Activities

  • Design Assistance: Assist design team with both design-related and organizational tasks.
    • Concept development on new products
    • Collection maintenance
    • Creation of instruction manuals
    • Creation of tech assets and 3d rendering
  • Marketing Support: Assist the Marketing team for on-going technical asset development and support creative asset production. This may include but not limited to:
    • Tearsheet updates
    • Website maintenance
    • Support photoshoot preparation and on-site supervision
    • Documentation of new project prototypes for press & marketing
  • Production assistance
    • Product Builds
  • General tasks
    • Showroom install and display support

How we select interns

Please note these internships are highly competitive (limited to 4 positions per year), therefore every aspect of your application should communicate excellence.

  • Communication skills: Clarity of thought and expression, English fluency
  • Design sensibility: graphic layout, photography, product concept
  • Understanding of construction details
  • Required software: Adobe Creative Suite, Sketchup, Solidworks (if familiar, demonstrate drawings, assemblies, BOM, revisions, explodes, etc), Keyshot.

Your portfolio

  • Simplicity in presentation (visual & text)
  • Concise explanations
  • Excellent imagery (photography, composition, white balance etc)
  • Two or three projects demonstrating appropriate use of materials, fabrication processes and fastening methods (show final idea and show components, if development necessary few pictures possible)

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Summer (June – Aug) Deadline: March 12 Interviews: March 15-18
  • Fall (Sept – Dec) Deadline: June 12 Interviews: June 15-18
  • Winter (Jan – Feb) Deadline: Sept 12 Interviews: Sept 15-18
  • Spring (Mar – May) Deadline: December 12 Interviews: Dec 15-18

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