Benjamin Franklin- Dorothy Haase


  1. Where: I took this photo at the Franklin institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  2. Who and Why: Benjamin Franklin, one of the signers of the US constitution and a scientist is being honored here.  He is being honored because he lived in Philadelphia and was a representative of Pennsylvania when he was part of the Constitutional Convention.  This statue is in the Franklin Institute, a science museum in Philadelphia to honor Franklin for all the scientific advancements he made and for his general love of science and gaining knowledge.
  3. Reflection: It reminded me a lot of the Lincoln memorial in Washington, D.C., just a smaller version and of course it honors someone else.  It’s the first thing you see when you enter the museum and is the only thing in this room. I was there with some friends and when we walked in and saw it at first I said “Remember on the show The Office they had a guy dressed as  Ben Franklin came in, and they brought up how he cheated on his wife a lot?”  I don’t know why this was my first thought what it was.  But it was true fact that he did cheat on his wife Deborah Read, and side fact they were married by common-law marriage not a ceremony.  Anyway thinking about how he was in his family made me wonder if someone really deserves a commemoration like this.  However, Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers and deserves the honor that comes with that.  If it wasn’t for him and his philosophies we wouldn’t have the freedoms we get here.  This was pretty much the conversation I had with my friends at the Institute.  By the way we enjoyed the Franklin Institute and recommend you take a trip as well, if you go to Philadelphia.

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