This Week in the OpenLab: February 4th Edition

(image–and spelling–by OCAL via Creative Commons License)

With all the new courses popping up on the OpenLab at the start of the term, we thought we’d highlight a few promising examples…


 Architectural Technology (Professor Paul King)

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Professor King’s Architectural Technology course (which you can find here) features a complex architecture (get it?) involving linking separate areas together into what might be called a course hub.  A number of faculty members have taken this option for structuring their courses, either to help avoid redundancy (one can keep the static material on one site, allowing others to administered by students as needed) or just to give students a place of their own to take pride in.  Plus, it has beautiful student sketches!


Architecture 1210 DESIGN FOUNDATION II (Professor Valdez)

William Valdez’ Architecture 1210 Design Foundation II course is one of our more robust course sites, replete with pdfs, assignments, examples, tutorials, and a vocabulary archive.  Not all of these sections are populated at this point in the semester, but a lot is already here.  It’s not easy to have a course site this well-planned at the beginning of the term–this is a great example of what is possible when we have time to do it.


M1275 College Algebra and Trigonometry (Professor Smith)

We love to see students working through problems on the OpenLab, and here on Professor Smith’s Algebra and Trigonometry, we can see students helping each other out, working together and giving advice on a problem.  It’s just great to see this.

We’re happy to feature any course, assignment or project you think is interesting or notable.  Contact us anytime with your recommendations!

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