This Week in the OpenLab: February 10th Edition

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 3.26.20 PMThis week we introduce our newest Community Team members!  We’re excited to add several new student bloggers to our team, to pick up where last year’s bloggers left off. We have bloggers who will be writing about fashion, about food, and more!  In addition, we’re very excited to begin including a few photobloggers, who will be sharing their photographs from around the city with us.

We’ll have more about them in the coming weeks, but please, be sure to join The Buzz, and comment on their work!

Here’s a sample from our first post:

Should Dressing for Success in School depend on Preference, Profession, or Professionalism?

Dress for Success

Image by Kaz via CC* license

Are you someone who wakes up and just throw something on when heading to class? Maybe you like to show your creative side when finding new fabrics to wear. Or maybe you perceive your place of education like a job interview. Is there an unsaid dress-code when going to school?

During my 5, not so sequential, years at New York City College of Technology (City Tech), and while attending several success-seminars outside of school, I noticed everyone has different views on how to accessorize oneself. This can be due to many factors: how we are raised; environmental influences; and personal preference. However, at this age in our lives, I blame it on timing (whether someone may be rushing, or not), preference and attitude.

First, I will tell you how I choose what to wear where. OR, should I say the types of clothing I have? I guess it doesn’t matter. Okay, Here goes.  Depending on the impression I want to make, usually a great one, I will dress accordingly, including while attending school! I shall say this: ONLY WEAR SWEATS AND SPANDEX IF AT A GYM OR WORKING OUT! I will dress business-casual when seeing clients.  I will dress upscale when around certain sponsors. I will dress fashionable & “Beat for the Gawds” at certain social events. I will wear pajama pants only at home! I know many of you reading this my find comfort in wearing them outside…. AND OF COURSE, when I go to a class I will dress comfortable and casual, yet well kempt. Sometimes, even dressing in business attire. I guess at a Tech Production for “Falling Sparrow,” I may put on light makeup to have less impurities on film. Aside: If I am coming from, or going to, work or another engagement, my attire may vary.

Amoni B in proffesional attire

Amoni B by Love&Fashion

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