This Month on the OpenLab: February 2024 Release

Orange fritillary butterfly with open wings on a bright yellow, pink, and orange lantana flower.
Valentine’s – a fritillary heart, by Vicki DeLoach, is licensed under CC ​​BY-NC-ND.

On February 13, we released version 1.7.74 of the OpenLab. It included a new theme, a few minor plugin and theme updates, and a bug fix.

New theme

We added a new theme called Typology. It allows for a lot of customization in Dashboard > Theme Options, but also looks good as soon as you activate it, without needing to make any changes. 

Help documentation for the theme is coming soon, but there’s also good documentation from the theme authors. 

Bug fix and other updates

There was a bug in the Discussion forum that appears on a Course, Project, or Club profile that was preventing any pages beyond the first page of discussion from showing. This has been fixed.

We made a few small text changes on the sign up page. One was to clarify that when we ask for your email address to sign up it won’t be displayed publicly on your Profile. We also adjusted the text in the avatar upload section to make it more clear that an avatar doesn’t have to be a picture of yourself – it can be anything that represents you or your interests. 


As always, please contact us with any questions!

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