Ethics Entry 2

A) I have utilized other illustrative work a part within the past, but as it were in other projects for school that were just for course, purposes only. And in projects for my internship that are for the real world, I continuously have utilized things that are free and affirm for other employments. I attempt my exceptionally best to live my life with judgment, and in terms of illustration implies, meaning following the rules of copyright and not taking work from other creatives .

 B) After reading the case about the Fairey Copyright case, it is vital to copyright your work and to allow credit to the artist on the off chance that utilized for your work. For me even when I draw original work and put a watermark on it it was still managed to be stolen by petty people I knew. Which is why It is extremely important to copyright your art pieces and always, ALWAYS!!! Put A WaterMark On Your Work!!

Ethics Entry 1

A) Working with my internship for illustration , I have come to cross the standard of their character design and standard components required to be on tasks they would like me to do. Each project that I have worked on so distant there would be a individual to supply pictures needed to be included additionally able to propose superior quality of references. In addition, there was too a standard type for what sort of body sort and postures of the characters must be required when making my design for a poster or comic page. I was able to provide my supposition and contemplations when the we had other creators contribute with their work, be able to do this, I was given the opportunity to put my own imagination and involvement taking comparing and contrasting its was all fun and captivating and for me felt like I was working with corporate.


B) I have to follow the rules of this company required when working with the projects given  I am entrusted to do. Even though I signed a non-disclosure agreement contract  but still knew to be careful on my works since it is a project that hasn’t been completely completed however. When working on my assigned assignment, the internship I am taking wants to see my progress I’ve been doing, to know I am driving the correct way for their guidelines, and to assist me know what is anticipated in each assignment such as the component plan standard that has to be in it.


Week 7: Remote Work


And so, without further more, One major thing I’ve learned from myself all through my internship, is that I discover working remotely to be harsh. It was truly difficult for me since of my family and sometimes my house can be exceptionally loud, and I’ve learned that it’s troublesome for me to remain centered and staying positive when I’m sitting in a room where all of a sudden my younger siblings would ambush me to come and play with them. Also for a while I’ve been going through so much that I’ve been feeling depressed as well, and it was hard to talk to my family about for them to take it as a joke, But through this internship Ive too learned that some of the time working from home can be a blessing. For me commuting with a bus, ferry, and train just to go to the city or to college was a bother but working at home has spared me hundreds of dollars for the months since the pandemic.. I am exceptionally thankful to Kollective Moda and Having such a pleasant Professor,. It was a astounding learning involvement for me, and I truly delighted in working for my Boss and for Kollective Moda.

Week 6 Evaluations

For Self Evaluations:

Working from this internship from April til presently has been challenging for me. I’ve learned that I am not the speediest at for illustrating my characters, and posted designs and I’ve moreover learned that I am competing with others within the same field as me who wants be to within the best. I do think I did better than average work in any case, and I attempted my best to stay And thinking of good things Generally, I think one range I ought to work on is facial features and speed mostly  in completing certain tasks, and I am happy I did this internship. It was a powerful learning encounter for me. But most imperatively I’ve been having fun, talking with other students just like me not as it were from diverse colleges here in NYC but from distinctive states, and countries all around, I get to listen their stories on how they got into the graphic design and illustration field and its all inspiring and all.

Week 5

  1. So far for this week I have been given a new project to work on which is for designing patterns for new clothes now such as shoes and outerwear. My main focus is working on the illustrations and try not to be worrying about using Photoshop so much. But in any case so far I am doing great in internship.
  2. I agree with some of the rules mentioned in Modern Etiquette: If a coworker’s behavior is infringing upon your ability to perform your job well, address it directly with the individual And its true I’m sure no co-worker wants to work with someone who has a terrible behavior. And I’ve dealt with that with experiences from working with the department of education.
  4. Reading from the code of ethics, I agree with everything that is stated in this article. All information must be kept as confidential otherwise how can the employer trust their employees to work on the assignments they’re given? Do not work on a project that the client has given to someone else because it is waste of your time and disrespectful to you. Do not work for free, but for a fee otherwise what is going to pay the bills? Time is very precious, but most importantly do no harm with the work that is created and respect the dignity of all audiences by taking everything into consideration. Also Today we as artist are utilizing art and.  Just show everyone around you, whether its web design, motion graphics,  illustrations, graphic design, etc. And being able to make a experience can get  somebody understand the art side better.

File  Summer Internship 2020 Presentation-Nicole Harripersad.pptx (10.296 MB)

Internship Week 4

Week 4


Hi guys , I completed a few illustration projects for the Art group and now I am working with a new group called design team where i for the most part work on design outlines, prints, and planning unique designs for products . Today I just wrapped up planning a couple of illustrations pieces for a material piece. I appreciate what I’m doing and how my boss lets me run wild with imagination in my work and open to proposals. , I’m well balanced how things are well close to remaining home bury hey there’s nothing we can do. Even in spite of the fact that I’m working from home I do miss strolling around KTown in Manhattan just to group inspiration for art. For now I eat Asian inspire dishes and tune in to kpop music fair to feel  motivated a bit.


Here is my eportfolio link


As for hours I have 105 hours done.

By next week I should have maybe at least over 120 hours completed


As for my PowerPoint presentation I will be discussing about


Getting my Internship

The company I am working at

The Project I’ve been mostly working on

The project I loved the most working on

What have I learned from the company

What has evolved from me working in the company

Internship Week 3

Hi again.


During week 3 of internship I was actually moved up. I wanted to try something new, instead of focusing on characters, my supervisor gave me the task of creating new patterns and designs for the projects. To be honest I was quite skeptical because I didn’t really have any sort of interest with patterns or designs but i wanted to give it a shot. It was really interest and cool collaborating with other students like me without a focus of illustration because i get to see their viewpoints. In the end I came out with new designs, and started to use photoshop more, and photoshop is usually not my style, I enjoyed working with this new team because I learn so many new skills from them as well.

Internship Week 2

Hello everyone!! How is everyone doing, hope all is well.




1) I am working as a illustration Intern for a company called Koka Consulting, and we are working on a comic called Jespionne. I’ve been given assignments such as illustrating and sketching characters, so far I’ve been given two characters to draw, Ive been coming up with facial expressions, poses, and action fighting scenes. Next is drawing props such as cars, sceneries, and backgrounds. Ive been doing research on drawing cars and how to make them more attractive. And finally coloring the characters given to me. Sometimes other interns or other people in charge of characters would give me the finished characters and I would give them base colors and shadows. Ive also bumped my way up from illustration characters, to drawing patterns for clothings. Drawing the patterns out has been a lot fun for me.


What I liked about this article and what stood out for me is about connecting with peers. I am sometimes a very shy person and it takes a while for me to open up to connect with someone. But when talking with a person over and over with a same common ground I get to open up more. What I’ve learned fro the article is best opportunities often emerge on the work or within the classroom, where you get the chance to have casual discussions that may start thoughts or unused projects. It may be accommodating to discover a brief course or internship with like-minded peers after graduation and how we as upcoming grads should take advantage of the creative vitality around you and remain associated to your peers. You’ll get recommended for a work that somebody else isn’t able to require, or discover a collaborator to assist your work to be launched.Source-


My first actual internship started with cuny service corps. I was a college counselor prepping students for college. Not only have I worked there on the education side but I merged my graphic design skills in in this internship.They wanted to see whether or not I was capable of communicating my skills to them as well as know if I was able to embrace them for the type of work they provided. They teachers, and staff were always observing me to see what my skills i was able to bring from college to the school and to see if I was capable of anything to them, and at the end I was useful to them. So useful they hired me as their substitute paraprofessional and at the end of the day I would use my graphic design skills to help them.



  • A professional designer shall acquaint himself or herself with a client’s business and design standards and shall act in the client’s best interest within the limits of professional responsibility.
  • A professional designer shall not accept instructions from a client that involve infringement of another person’s property rights without permission, or consciously act in any manner involving any such infringement.


  • A professional designer is encouraged to contribute five percent of his or her time to projects in the public good-projects that serve society and improve the human experience.

Internship Week 1

Hi everyone my name is Nicole Harripersad I am an upcoming senior and my main focus in graphic design is mostly digital illustration. My skills are mostly consisting of graphic design, illustrator, photoshop, and Procrdate.


I have been working from an Internship since April 13th, 2020 from Koka Consultant Kollective Moda and I have been part of a team designing characters and creating props and sceneries for a upcoming comic called Jespionne.


Art that I have been looking into for a long time is pop surrealism. My favorite artist from this type of art is Camilla D’Erico.


I have a link of a few of my art pieces.


Nice to meet you all.

HW 1

What I learned on the first day of History of Graphic Design is mostly about language and who were the ones who first used language to communicate with others. In class, we learned about petroglyphs, rock carvings that I would believe cavemen used millions of years ago. Then another interesting thing we learned about pictograph which was pictures drawn of objects, for example like emoji’s we use today are pictographs to communicate with others by phone for texting.

I remember learning about language used thousands of years ago in every global history class. Listening to these languages again, reminded me so much of middle school. I got a refresher about the Mesopotamia era. In Mesopotamia, there were civilians called Sumerians. The Sumerians were known for creating their written language called Cuneiform. They created it, so Sumerians can have a way to remember and keep in touch records such as birthdays, names, etc. Data like that were written and recorded clay tablets with a pencil-like stylus. Once you finished writing down information the clay tablets were left out in the sun to dry so they can be permanent.  People who wrote on clay tablets were called scribes.

Another written form of language was from Ancient Egypt. Egypt was known for their pictographic like language called hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were carved inside the walls inside pyramids and each hieroglyphic had its very own meaning and told stories. One part of hieroglyphics that I really liked was mostly about the book of the dead. The Book of the Dead was written on a scroll called a papyrus. The book was written to explain Egypt’s mummification process. I really enjoyed about learning about Egypt because of their process of preserving the body once it’s dead. You remove almost all the organs except the heart. You even put the organs in special mummy jars to preserve them.

Another thing I like about Egypt’s Book of the dead was that it was also a guide or I’d like to call a cheat sheet on how to be a good person in order to go into heaven or into the Afterlife to be with your loved ones. It’s a long process. Once you become a spirit you go into a boat that would carry you down the river of the Underworld. Then you go through a bunch of tasks and meet with different gods and guards. At the end, your heart is measured with a scale, and if your heart is lighter than the feather, you go into the afterlife to see your loved ones and ancestors.

Lastly, I learned about the Rosetta stone. I heard of the Rosetta stone because of commercials. Rosetta Stone in my view was a DVD and cd set of learning any sort of language such as English, Spanish, Chinese, etc. But, from what I learned in class the Rosetta stone was literally an actual stone which contained writing on it in two different languages. I really enjoyed learning more in languages and pictographs on my first day of class.