Internship Week 2

Hello everyone!! How is everyone doing, hope all is well.




1) I am working as a illustration Intern for a company called Koka Consulting, and we are working on a comic called Jespionne. I’ve been given assignments such as illustrating and sketching characters, so far I’ve been given two characters to draw, Ive been coming up with facial expressions, poses, and action fighting scenes. Next is drawing props such as cars, sceneries, and backgrounds. Ive been doing research on drawing cars and how to make them more attractive. And finally coloring the characters given to me. Sometimes other interns or other people in charge of characters would give me the finished characters and I would give them base colors and shadows. Ive also bumped my way up from illustration characters, to drawing patterns for clothings. Drawing the patterns out has been a lot fun for me.


What I liked about this article and what stood out for me is about connecting with peers. I am sometimes a very shy person and it takes a while for me to open up to connect with someone. But when talking with a person over and over with a same common ground I get to open up more. What I’ve learned fro the article is best opportunities often emerge on the work or within the classroom, where you get the chance to have casual discussions that may start thoughts or unused projects. It may be accommodating to discover a brief course or internship with like-minded peers after graduation and how we as upcoming grads should take advantage of the creative vitality around you and remain associated to your peers. You’ll get recommended for a work that somebody else isn’t able to require, or discover a collaborator to assist your work to be launched.Source-


My first actual internship started with cuny service corps. I was a college counselor prepping students for college. Not only have I worked there on the education side but I merged my graphic design skills in in this internship.They wanted to see whether or not I was capable of communicating my skills to them as well as know if I was able to embrace them for the type of work they provided. They teachers, and staff were always observing me to see what my skills i was able to bring from college to the school and to see if I was capable of anything to them, and at the end I was useful to them. So useful they hired me as their substitute paraprofessional and at the end of the day I would use my graphic design skills to help them.



  • A professional designer shall acquaint himself or herself with a client’s business and design standards and shall act in the client’s best interest within the limits of professional responsibility.
  • A professional designer shall not accept instructions from a client that involve infringement of another person’s property rights without permission, or consciously act in any manner involving any such infringement.


  • A professional designer is encouraged to contribute five percent of his or her time to projects in the public good-projects that serve society and improve the human experience.