Sample Course_Visual Enhanced Quotes

For my quote I chose 

“Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.Percy Bysshe Shelley” I chose this quote because I believe it is linked within anxiety and depression. I have had anxiety ever since I started high school in 2012. It’s painful and it sucks but I try to work it out each and everyday. I researched  anxiety art and I found a few pieces that touched my heart.


For the first piece it shows a girl but she seems to be stressed out or troubled by something. I chose this and added the quote to it because it definitely shows a strong perception of anxiety and what 1 point of view of anxiety and how it looks. Anxiety can hurt people and it looks like the girl is in pain too. The font I used for this quote was apple chancery. I thought it fit well with the picture because of its subtle font.


Another piece Is with a girl covering her face. But, what makes this look unique and strange is that she is slowly starting to break apart and that’s true. Anxiety can break a person down bit by bit, and in this art piece it looks like she is starting to crumble and cry because she can’t take on the pain any longer. I feel really strong about this piece because I find this true. When anxiety is eating you alive, it feels like your heart is on fire, and your stomach is slowly turning cold and empty, and soon you start to break apart. The font I used for this quote was Arial Italic. I used a simple font for this quote because I wanted the picture to stand out instead of the font itself.


The last piece shows a man, and his hands covering his face, but the hands are almost see through making the face to be easily seen. I find this very interesting and very unique because A person can cover their face to hide away their looks, but they can’t hide away their pain and emotions from others either.  And the font I used was Georgia because I believe a serif font would fit perfectly in the picture