Assignment 5

What I learned recently was that at the end of the 19th century there was a change that impacted many. I also learned about design from that time. There was a designer named Frank Lloyd Wright, his name reminds me of a type font. He was an inspiration when it came to Art Deco. Also, there was a school called Glasgow School of Art where they taught students to change the art style Art Nouveau.

I also learned about a German artist named Peter Behrens. He impacted the world of design then for the new century. He would produce wood carvings, colored illustration design, designs for book bindings and handcrafted objects. Behrens design created products such as lamps, vases, teapots.

And finally, the Genesis’ belief which was part of the Arts and Crafts Movement. People enjoyed hand traditional designs that artisans created but people soon realized that machines that were being created and developed. The technology was being created faster than ever and had made benefits even to creating designs. People believed in fusing artisans handmade craftsmanship to machines. And thus civilians accepted the fact that technology was taking over and had many advances to help create a new era and hopefully a new movement.