Ethics Entry 2

A) I have utilized other illustrative work a part within the past, but as it were in other projects for school that were just for course, purposes only. And in projects for my internship that are for the real world, I continuously have utilized things that are free and affirm for other employments. I attempt my exceptionally best to live my life with judgment, and in terms of illustration implies, meaning following the rules of copyright and not taking work from other creatives .

 B) After reading the case about the Fairey Copyright case, it is vital to copyright your work and to allow credit to the artist on the off chance that utilized for your work. For me even when I draw original work and put a watermark on it it was still managed to be stolen by petty people I knew. Which is why It is extremely important to copyright your art pieces and always, ALWAYS!!! Put A WaterMark On Your Work!!