Ethics Entry 1

A) Working with my internship for illustration , I have come to cross the standard of their character design and standard components required to be on tasks they would like me to do. Each project that I have worked on so distant there would be a individual to supply pictures needed to be included additionally able to propose superior quality of references. In addition, there was too a standard type for what sort of body sort and postures of the characters must be required when making my design for a poster or comic page. I was able to provide my supposition and contemplations when the we had other creators contribute with their work, be able to do this, I was given the opportunity to put my own imagination and involvement taking comparing and contrasting its was all fun and captivating and for me felt like I was working with corporate.


B) I have to follow the rules of this company required when working with the projects given  I am entrusted to do. Even though I signed a non-disclosure agreement contract  but still knew to be careful on my works since it is a project that hasn’t been completely completed however. When working on my assigned assignment, the internship I am taking wants to see my progress I’ve been doing, to know I am driving the correct way for their guidelines, and to assist me know what is anticipated in each assignment such as the component plan standard that has to be in it.