Assignment 2

Assignment #2


Last week was my 2nd week of History of Graphic Design. In that class me and other students had a review on what we learned from the first day of class. In our second week of class we learned how graphic design was an influential impact amongst our world in art and design. We also learned about more communicative art from the past. For Example; we learned more about cave drawings done by cave people in European sides like parts of Italy in Rome, and Greece. We also watched a video on a teenager’s life in ancient Greece. One thing I found particularly interesting is the life of a teen to young adult in Greece.

This video on Greece was about a young man name Lucius. He was a teenager, and in the video, it told about the shifting responsibilities from a teen to young adult. Lucius was responsible for a lot of things as he was growing up. He learned how to fight, educate himself and so forth. Later on, he was supposed to get married, but to a 10-year-old. And he was 19 at the time for betrothal.  Also, some teens would live a certain life span, either growing to a full-on adult, or die as a teenager. It’s very sad to know that they couldn’t live to the fullest back then in ancient times.

I also had a refresher on Ancient Egypt again. In ancient Egypt, Egyptians had over 22 hieroglyphics. Egyptians also used their religion and belief to create better meanings towards their hieroglyphics and their forms of writing. Whatever the Egyptians wrote that was very important, it would be written in scrolls. That’s why they had scribes to write down everything for them.  The scribes were the ones who written everything that was important to everyday Egyptian day life.

The Phoenician alphabet had an interesting side of language too. For Phoenician’s they had an alphabet system that was easy for other people to read. The Phoenician language was also very easy to write in many different languages. I enjoyed about learning about how everyone used different ways of communication, especially with Egyptians. In my opinions Egyptian hieroglyphics were like emojis back in ancient times. And that is something that I very much appreciate. I’d say if we didn’t have hieroglyphics, there would be no such thing as emoji to text other people today.