Week 7: Remote Work


And so, without further more, One major thing I’ve learned from myself all through my internship, is that I discover working remotely to be harsh. It was truly difficult for me since of my family and sometimes my house can be exceptionally loud, and I’ve learned that it’s troublesome for me to remain centered and staying positive when I’m sitting in a room where all of a sudden my younger siblings would ambush me to come and play with them. Also for a while I’ve been going through so much that I’ve been feeling depressed as well, and it was hard to talk to my family about for them to take it as a joke, But through this internship Ive too learned that some of the time working from home can be a blessing. For me commuting with a bus, ferry, and train just to go to the city or to college was a bother but working at home has spared me hundreds of dollars for the months since the pandemic.. I am exceptionally thankful to Kollective Moda and Having such a pleasant Professor,. It was a astounding learning involvement for me, and I truly delighted in working for my Boss and for Kollective Moda.