Week 5

  1. So far for this week I have been given a new project to work on which is for designing patterns for new clothes now such as shoes and outerwear. My main focus is working on the illustrations and try not to be worrying about using Photoshop so much. But in any case so far I am doing great in internship.
  2. I agree with some of the rules mentioned in Modern Etiquette: If a coworker’s behavior is infringing upon your ability to perform your job well, address it directly with the individual And its true I’m sure no co-worker wants to work with someone who has a terrible behavior. And I’ve dealt with that with experiences from working with the department of education.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZO_Lthu-ws
  4. Reading from the code of ethics, I agree with everything that is stated in this article. All information must be kept as confidential otherwise how can the employer trust their employees to work on the assignments they’re given? Do not work on a project that the client has given to someone else because it is waste of your time and disrespectful to you. Do not work for free, but for a fee otherwise what is going to pay the bills? Time is very precious, but most importantly do no harm with the work that is created and respect the dignity of all audiences by taking everything into consideration. Also Today we as artist are utilizing art and.  Just show everyone around you, whether its web design, motion graphics,  illustrations, graphic design, etc. And being able to make a experience can get  somebody understand the art side better.

File  Summer Internship 2020 Presentation-Nicole Harripersad.pptx (10.296 MB)