Internship Week 4

Week 4


Hi guys , I completed a few illustration projects for the Art group and now I am working with a new group called design team where i for the most part work on design outlines, prints, and planning unique designs for products . Today I just wrapped up planning a couple of illustrations pieces for a material piece. I appreciate what I’m doing and how my boss lets me run wild with imagination in my work and open to proposals. , I’m well balanced how things are well close to remaining home bury hey there’s nothing we can do. Even in spite of the fact that I’m working from home I do miss strolling around KTown in Manhattan just to group inspiration for art. For now I eat Asian inspire dishes and tune in to kpop music fair to feel  motivated a bit.


Here is my eportfolio link


As for hours I have 105 hours done.

By next week I should have maybe at least over 120 hours completed


As for my PowerPoint presentation I will be discussing about


Getting my Internship

The company I am working at

The Project I’ve been mostly working on

The project I loved the most working on

What have I learned from the company

What has evolved from me working in the company