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Welcome, Summer 2021 Model Course Initiative Fellows! We’ll use this project to share resources, gather our work, and exchange ideas about the model courses and course hubs we’re creating.

The site can grow to meet our needs, so please ask questions, request new information or features, and add what you want to share with this private group.

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Site Cleanup

I hope everyone has had a good summer so far! As you’re finishing up your sites, I just wanted to point your attention to the first item at the end of the checklist under “Cleanup and Testing.”

This is mostly for model courses, but it’s a good practice for course hubs as well.

As part of your site cleanup, you’ll want to go through the Dashboard to check for and remove anything that you created but didn’t use on the site. This could include pages, posts, categories, tags, and images. Posts will likely be in draft and pages may be in draft or published, but not included in the menu. There may also be categories and tags you never used from the site you cloned to create your site, or categories and tags that you created but never used. 

If not deleted, these items could be confusing for faculty who clone the course and don’t know if or how they should be used. Or, students using a cloned site may confuse extra categories and tags with the ones they should be using. 

If you have any questions about this process, or how to find or delete any of these elements, please add them in the comments, or bring them up in the discussion tomorrow.


Week 4 Workplanning

Detailed of Corrugated Wall With Urban Art” by joey zanotti via Flickr

Getting closer! As you continue working, please share what you’re working on–in-progress model courses, hubs, as well as workplans and any other materials that you think would be helpful to share. You can continue sharing via comments here or add a new post and using the category Workplan, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

We had asked you to share your update by end-of-day today, Tuesday, 6/22 so that we can all comment and offer feedback before Thursday’s meeting.

If you want to work with me, Jonas, or Cailean outside of the meeting, please feel free to reach out! I know we have a few meetings scheduled already, and are happy to have more! We’re also happy to share feedback asynchronously here on the site and hope you will, too.

As you’re working on all the material gathering, content creation, site building, remember to circle back to the workplan itself to think about timing and about outreach. Thursday’s meeting will include time to discuss both of these aspects of the work you’re doing.

Agenda for 6/24

Thu 6/24 10am-12pm: Looking ahead to Fall

  • Pre-work:
    • Finalize your Work Plan and post on the OpenLab
    • Share OpenLab link to your work in progress! (needed by Tue 6/22 to allow for peer review)
    • Review your assigned peer’s work
  • Meeting (via Zoom) Agenda (we’ll continue to use this Google Doc for Agenda and Notes):
    • Check-in
    • Work Plan review and discussion
    • Peer review & discussion
    • Q&A
    • Next steps.

Block editor workshop

I sent this as an email yesterday, but not sure everyone was on the recipient list.

UPDATE: This is the Zoom link for the Block Editor workshop!
I believe this Zoom link will work for the Block Editor workshop tomorrow (I hope!).

The session will begin at 12:30 with a short Getting Started on the OpenLab mini-workshop for anyone who hasn’t used the OpenLab before, followed by the block editor workshop fro 1:00 to 2:00. I’m assuming that’s what you’ll join for if you’re interested and available.

Again, please let me know if you are interested but can’t make it so we can gauge interest in a second workshop or making the recording available.

See you in a few minutes!

Week 3 Workplanning

In The Thick Of It” by Evan Lavine via Flickr

As you continue working, share what you’re working on. You can continue sharing via comments here or add a new post and using the category Workplan.

We had asked you to update before the Thursday meeting (end of day today or thereabout) so that we can all comment and offer feedback.

As you’re working, two helpful resources to refer to are the Introduction to Open Educational Resources and Teaching with the OpenLab.

If you want to work with me, Jonas, or Cailean outside of the meeting, please feel free to reach out!

Agenda for 6/17

Thu 6/17 10am-12pm: Check-in and peer review

  • Pre-work:
    • Review resources
    • Share OpenLab link to your work in progress! (needed by Tue 6/15 to allow for peer review)
    • Review peer’s work
  • Meeting (via Zoom) Agenda (we’ll continue to use this Google Doc for Agenda and Notes):
    • Checking in
    • Peer review and discussion
    • Checklist review and discussion
    • Things to consider (attribution, copyright, and licenses)
    • Q&A
    • Prep for next week.


More than just a place to ask questions and get or give answers, let’s also use this as a place for comments or conversation.

Because people are more likely to communicate in ways that feel comfortable, I present two options for any of your questions, answers, or conversations, depending on your preference:

  1. reply to this post, using the comments for your Q or A or C. Anyone responding can reply to your comment, creating a threaded conversation. Or,
  2. write a post and use this Q&A&C category, and your post will automagically appear below this one when you choose Q&A&C from the main navigation menu.

Not sure what these suggestions mean? Try asking!

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Week 2: Workplan

"complicated" depicts phases of the moon in a flow chart
Complicated” by David Christensen via The Noun Project

As we continue to work together this summer, we’ll share workplan drafts and feedback via this OpenLab site. For Week 2, you focused on sections 3 and 4 of the workplan (if you need, you can find the workplan outline on our OpenLab site and via Google Docs).

For our second meeting on 6/10, please reply to this post with a comment that includes a link to your draft (eg. in Google Docs or Dropbox, whatever works in your workflow) AND if you’re comfortable, a sentence or so about something in the workplan you want feedback on.

Agenda for 6/10

Thu 6/10 10am-12pm: Designing your model course/course hub

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