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Reflection for Session 3

Thanks for a great discussion today! To reflect on today’s session, please share something or somethings you learned today. Also, what questions do you have that we can answer and use to guide our future sessions?


  1. Marie-Cecile

    Hello everyone.
    Last session, I found interesting to see examples of how instructors used model courses and adapted them to their teaching style. Also, I learned about the weekly agenda feature, which I believe is great to guide the student on what needs to be done. This tool is useful to help student keep track of weekly assignments.

    • Jonas Reitz

      I really like the agenda also – it adds nice structure to the sometimes-overwhelming information that I post, and students know they can count on it. I’ve been waffling between weekly and daily agendas, and I haven’t quite settled on one yet (it’s hard because the weeks split different depending on the semester and schedule).

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