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Reflection for Session 2

It was great learning more with everyone today!

To reflect on today’s session, what work do you need to do with your materials (especially thinking about accessibility/usability) before you start building your model course or course hub?


  1. Donna Rankin

    Our background materials are going to come from the OER that is already set up for Biology 1101. We need to go through those materials and pare them down before placing them in the model courses. For the most part, these materials have already been vetted for accessibility.

    We have many assignments for both lecture and lab already created. These assignments need to be edited and refined before being placed in the model courses.

  2. Elizabeth Milonas

    In the next few weeks, I plan to review the materials for this course and ensure that this material adheres to accessibility and usability standards as identified in the readings today. I would also like to use the software indicated to ensure the material adheres to these standards.

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