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Agenda for Session 3, 4/28

Before Session 3

  • Read “Building a Model Course” from the Model Courses on the OpenLab project
    • Focus on steps 1, 2, 5, 6 (we’ll focus on steps 3&4 in the next session)
  • Read “Building a Course Hub” from the Model Courses on the OpenLab project
  • Share as a comment on this post any questions, concerns, or ideas sparked from the readings so we can incorporate them into our session.
  • Update project plan and milestones as needed

Session 3: April 28, 2022

Building a Model Course

Meeting via Zoom

Notes via Google Docs


  • Checking in
  • Whole group discussion: Model Courses and Course Hubs
    • Purpose
    • Audience
    • Format
    • Course Materials
  • Building a Model Course
  • Building a Course Hub 
  • Small groups/individual work
    • Drafting on the Model Course/Course Hub
  • Site architecture
  • Milestone updates
  • Q&A
  • Prep for next session
  • Reflections

Before Session 4

  • Read “Building a Model Course” from the Model Course on the OpenLab project
    • Focus on steps 3&4
  • Consider discussion, student engagement, low-stakes assignments, etc for asynchronous activity

1 Comment

  1. Donna Rankin

    Two weeks ago, Marie and I went to an Open Lab help session to learn how to use the dashboard. I’ve been playing with a practice course we set up to get familiar with the system. As I read through the material for tomorrow and looked at the example model courses, I had a better understanding of how these were made in the dashboard. I did notice that the menus on the model courses’ home pages were not entirely composed of individual pages. Some menu items appear to be category titles that collect appropriately-labeled posts. For example, there is no page titled “Assignments”, but there is a menu item that collects posts with an assignment category. I’m wondering if I’m correct about this or if I’m missing something in the dashboard.

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