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More than just a place to ask questions and get or give answers, let’s also use this as a place for comments or conversation.

Because people are more likely to communicate in ways that feel comfortable, I present two options for any of your questions, answers, or conversations, depending on your preference:

  1. reply to this post, using the comments for your Q or A or C. Anyone responding can reply to your comment, creating a threaded conversation. Or,
  2. write a post and use this Q&A&C category, and your post will automagically appear below this one when you choose Q&A&C from the main navigation menu.

Not sure what these suggestions mean? This is a great place to ask!

[This post uses the Category Sticky feature, meaning it’s stuck to the top of this category archive, but is not stuck to the top of the Home page. Let’s talk more about how to use this feature!]

Model Course & Course Hub Tours

In preparation for our first meeting, we invited you to watch or review the model course tour & course hub tour:

Model Course Tour
Course Hub Tour

We also wanted to give you a space to record and share your thoughts with the group, so as you think about your own work, feel free to leave a comment here to share how you envision any of these examples informing your approach, including course specific elements that you anticipate retrofitting, adapting, adding, or removing.