Dream job

September 17, 2019
Adriana Casado
Professional Practice.
Dream job

Since I was a child, I was always curious in terms of art, I think that influence came from my grandmother, since she had a lot of ability to do things with her hands like drawing, painting and weaving. Around 6 years old, I went to a class on artistic expression on Saturdays and I think there I learned about compositions, contrasts and shapes and I was attracted to draw plants and even elevations of houses. I remember that in these drawings I also implemented the use of the scale through people and vehicles.

In terms of architecture, I always liked to observe the houses, color and textures. Now comes the other part I could say not so “artistic” but at a more rational level where the work aspect is concentrated. My ideal job would be in a company where I have the possibility to restore old buildings and turn them into monuments of sustainable spaces. In order to make these buildings to adapt our reality, since with climate change, we have much ahead.

At the moment, I am working on a firm that predominantly performs landscape and uses sustainability concepts, I still have a lot to learn, but I think this is a very good opportunity to clarify the path that I would like to follow in this short-term future

Alex Saeteros Dream Career

Alex Saeteros
September 13, 2019
Arch 4861 Professional Practice
Prof. Mishara

Dream Career

Growing up as a kid my father was a construction worker. Till this day he stills works in construction and what amazed me from my dad is that he has knowledge and experience on multiple fields in construction. For ex, electrical work, installation of appliances, carpentry, plumbing, drywalling, insulation, tilling, and painting. This is how I got involved in the architecture and construction area.

My Interest in Architecture comes from middle school. My dad had bought a house in the year of 2008. So, he wanted to remodel the house, so he had to hire an architect. When I used to come from school to my house, I would always do my homework in the living room. The architect would come and discuss with my dad on materials or how certain things could go. When the Architect came, he would bring floor plans of house to shows us. Me being a curios little kid would go and stared at the floor plans, so he and my dad caught me looking at the floor plans and the architect told my dad he is going to become in architect in the future. That’s how my interest in architecture grew.

When I was in 8th grade I was applying for high school and I wanted to go to “High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture”. I Unfortunately didn’t go because I didn’t have good grades that the high school required. I ended up going and graduating from Newtown High School. In high school I was applying for colleges and I was accepted to New York City College of Technology.

While being in college and working. I was able to gain more experience on the construction side but not yet on a firm. Thanks to my cousin who is a subcontractor I was working with him and gaining more experience. I had come to my new job with some experience that I gain while I was helping my dad, when he was remodeling his house. I learned a lot in a construction site like how to build a wall, what stuff makes up a wall, stuff like that, and electrical work.

My dream career would be in having my own company in construction and becoming a contractor. I was more towards the construction side of architecture in an early age due to my father and older cousin. My idea is to go through that path where I had already experience working a having hand on the job. My plan is to gain and become a professional contractor and then open my own business and start working under my name as a boss.


Leon_Dream Career

Ever since I was young, I was amazed how tall buildings could get. And how structure of the buildings was different. I lived in Mexico for about two years at the age of 7, every day I walk to school I would see how people would construct their homes. Some would have finished brick and concrete homes others half unfinished. But some people would make their homes out of scraps of sheet metals. That is when I got interested in buildings. Came back to the states and had a connection with building toys and then when we bought furniture from ikea I helped build all the furniture with my father.

That is when I knew I wanted to become an Architect or just work in that field, that is why I study to be an architect. An architect is not just someone that makes buildings. He is someone that influences others by his amazing imagination and creativity, one that designs structures out of the ordinary to make people comfortable in their environment.

Now I’m on my 3 year in architectural mayor I have learn a lot of skills beside just designing, I have learned how to use different programs and how to express myself. My dream career is to became a license Architect here in New York or even get a second license from a different state depending if I move out. But also to have my own firm but a fabrication firm that consists or CNC milling, laser cutting and 3D printing, and also a professional rendering firm. Ever since I learn how to render my own projects it opened my eyes to technology how houses or buildings in general could look before it is made and having a fabrication firm to make costume products and furniture. Taking this path could be better for me because I could always work from home doing renderings. Which is one of my dreams to just work from home. Technology is the future, and I want to keep learning and see how much further can we learn with technology.


As an architectural student my dream career is to build my own firm in New York City. However, I wish to begin my career by working with the city of New York and hopefully gain experience in urban planning. I believe that there is no other better city than to learn from and practice development and design of land use. The reason for me wanting to learn urban planning is because it can teach me how to regulate the use of space better which is very important for an architect during the design process of a building or any other structure. Another reason I believe that urban planning can help me in becoming a better designer is because it also focuses on the economic functions and social impacts of the environment and on the different activities within the location. One of the most important factors that interests me about urban planning is the transportation system which is currently one the main issues that New York City is facing right now involving the use of bike lanes in the streets. In conclusion urban planning is very important to society because it keeps the city healthy and safe.

Ultimately my career goal is to gain my architect license from the State of New York and build my own firm. I enjoy the process of designing my own buildings and hopefully being able to see how they come to life and form part of they New York City skyline. Also, I enjoy working within a team on a project because I believe that the contribution of other members can help create a better result. In the end becoming an architect in New York City and being able to practice this profession in this city is very beneficial since this city is the home of important architectural history.


Career Dream

Unlike most of my colleagues, Architecture was not my first choice. I wanted to pursue a career in Construction Management. At a young age, I’ve always been around construction. If you were raised in the Caribbean construction was most likely the dominating trade, your grandfather, father and uncles were apart of this trade; therefore, this made me enjoyed assembling and seeing how buildings come together.

I was also fascinated and took an interest in the creativity and the thought process behind the design of a structure before the construction phase; therefore, I decided to pursue a degree in Architecture hoping to get a better understanding of the relationship between the design phase and the construction phase. As far as I can remember there was never a point in time where I saw myself sitting around a desk for hours in an office working on a project doing specifications or drafting, though I’ve gained a great love for architecture and became very good at it from an undergraduate level, I’ve always saw myself in the field on a construction site overseeing a project making sure the project is done according to the schematic phase, scheduling, etc, this might be the reason why I’ve worked for a construction company for seven years and never got bored because there was always something new and exciting to learn.

So, looking forward to the future I’ve decided after the fall semester of 2019, I will take a course to pursue my General Contractor’s license. After completion of this course, I would then seek experience by applying for employment at a construction firm as a licensed contractor, where

I would gain as much experience as I can in the field. The next step would be to obtain a license and certification in Home Improvement and move forward into starting my own company focusing on the improvement of residential housing. After I’ve established my company, I would then enroll in a graduate program to further my education, my area of interest would be Historic Preservation and Restoration. Once I’ve completed my master’s degree my next step would be to go through the processing phase of becoming a licensed Architect. I would then make the transition from owning a Home Improvement company into successfully owning a construction company that specializes in Historic Preservation and Restoration. Even though life is unpredictable, and circumstances change, and I might come across many obstacles before I reach my desired destination. I believe with hard work and determination I will accomplish my goals.

Chandanie Francis Dream Career

Chandanie Francis 

November 9th 2019 

Professor Mishara

Arch 4861- Professional Practice




As a young girl, I always dream about finding a way to help others, whether it was directly helping them or doing something that contributed to helping them. My mind went through various options, from becoming the typical doctor or firefighter to being a social worker. Never did I assume that in 17 years, my field of view and the career I pursue would change drastically. I instead entered a major that provide people with their daily interaction with the world. In some sense that was helping but from a different standpoint. This field was known as architecture.  

Being an architect student was a decision I made, due to the location of my house and school during high school. I choose a school that was located a short distance from my house. This school was known for it CTEA programs. Those programs being Construction Trades, Engineering, and Architecture. I know I always know I enjoyed working with my hands and creating objects and scenes in on my own. Construction would of been a great choice but it was to much of a labor and dangerous job, engineering was also an option on hands but it was a course that deals with to much math and wiring. Architecture on the other hand was not only hands on, but it was also a job that allowed you to enhance your basic knowledge skills such as reading, math and basic science that was needed. So that became the path I choose. I study architecture for several years in high school and it became the field I fell in love with. I got to express myself through drawings, project ideas and  hands on model making. I also enjoyed the feeling of being able to create something whether it was a small module of a housing unit, or creating an exterior model of a house. No matter what it was I was taken in by the fact that it was all created by my mind and I. I knew it was something I wanted to pursue a little further. So I enrolled in a college that focused on architecture, specifically Architectural technology, because my strength in architecture was in the technological portion of it. 


While studying architecture in college I am frequently ask, what do I plan to do with my studies? After thinking very hard I tied together everything I enjoyed over the year and found a specific portion of architecture that dealt with it all. 


As a child and even as an adult, I love gardening. Gardening is something that keeps me at peace. I love being in charge of bringing life to the front of my house or even the back. I love the idea of being able to grow the simplest of things. As a child I rarely go out with my family, and when we do, we would go to amusement parks and small trips that required us going to hotels. These trips became the happiness I felt in my childhood. I wanted to share the same happiness I felt in my heart with others. I believe that would bring joy to those who are in need of it. Even if it for a short amount of time. After combining these little aspects that brought me joy I came up with my dream job.

My dream job has now become, being a Landscape Architect. Being a landscape Architect allows me to combine gardening, resorts and amusement parks all in one. Although amusement parks are more for engineering I would like to specialize in the placement of each structure on the land. I would also like to create a hotel or resort that goes along with the amusement park that also has a garden. Adding these three aspects together will allow me to create a space that create true bliss. Being a Landscape architect allows me to create land that will be utilized for everyday function which is something I value. I intend to create a space that will also help the people by diverging away from landscape and focus on architecture. I intend to create structures such as halfway houses, orphanages, and homeless shelter for those who need a roof over their head. 


After figuring out what my dream job is, I also figured out where I want to be in that field. I always wanted to own a big company that is located all over the world. They alway 

say “ starting from the, now i’m here.” that a motto I always like to follow. There is nowhere to go but up. I would like to enter a company that specializes in architecture and start at the lowest point and work my way up. Maybe someday landing a job as a CEO of a big architectural firm. 


This may be a dream of mine, but someday soon I hope to achieve it to the maximum capacity I am able to take it to. 


Dream Career

Being an architect is different from most professions out there. What makes it so different is the diverse and almost limitless choices one can make as to his career with an architecture background. I believe I have a clear picture in my mind as to what my career will be.

Although I am still attending college, and I am so far away from what my dream career will be, I can still contribute towards my goal. By focusing on accumulating knowledge, whether it be through school, fellow students, podcasts l, books or even at a firm I am directly contributing to my dream career.
Like most architects, I also dream of having my own office. However, while working at a firm for the past 6 months it has been very evident that owning your own firm is not an easy task. The complex politics and the vast set of rules and scenarios that occur in a day to day basis in an architecture firm have a different effect on the employee compared to the owner of the firm. The employ will sure face stress and hardships but at the end of the day, he can move to another firm and its a fresh start, while you can also do the same thing as the owner of the firm it isn’t the same. You have invested so much time and money and even part of your being to it that just quitting don’t quite work.

The last paragraph must make it seem like it’s not worth it to even try but that is because as humans we usually take into account the negatives rather than the positives due to fear. All of this is however avoidable, and one can have a successful firm established. The key is experience and knowledge. Which is why I am working hard towards becoming someone with knowledge and vision.

To say it shortly, my goal is to have my own office and practice architecture the way I envision it. And I understand it is a process with very important steps which cannot be skipped. Right now, I am one the first step and my only focus is to gain knowledge which will latter help my get the dream career. And hopefully, some 15-20 years from now ill be seeking an energetic intern to join my firm for the summer.


Dream Career


My dream career involves making design decisions that help benefit mankind and propel us to better places. Part of getting to that dream is to be a licensed architect, such as Bjarke Ingels, or perhaps, become a very skilled designer such as Thomas Heatherwick. The idea of how we can inhabit a space and have that space enhance our well-being is interesting to me. Part of getting to that goal is to graduate at New York City College of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology in Architectural Technology. Where I’d be able to own in on my skills of the pragmatics of architecture, which to famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, was important. Without the knowledge of how to build or construct a building, how can we possibly begun to understand how to design it and create better solutions for people that inhabit them.


Going from City Tech, I’d like to eventually move on to a prestigious school where I’d learn more about the theoretical parts of architecture, all without forgetting about pragmatic solutions. From there, I’d earn a Master of Architecture and begin my journey on completing AXP and New York States requirements for licensure. I’d hope to use that accolade that I would build over the years, and the knowledge earned through various schools to help propel me through the workforce. Moving from drafting, in a mid to large sized firm to something more lucrative like Project Management where I can oversee a project. Another place I see myself is working in the design studio of the firm, coming up with brand new solutions during the Schematic Phase. Exploring various tools and solutions to many formal and spatial concepts.


But finally, where my dreams about architecture would reach full fruition is in owning my own design-build firm. To be able to control the entire process from schematic design, to design development, all the way to bidding contracts, contracting the project and even selling the units inside them. Having all of the built environment controlled in-house, can create a synergy with which if the right mission is present in a company; can be lucrative not only for efficiency and speed of a project, but kickstarting huge design solutions needed in our environment such as being resilient in sustainability. Financially speaking, keeping all the jobs in-house is also lucrative for all those involved and help many employees further their goals in being a part of every aspect of the industry if they so choose to move adjacent and learn.


This is my dream career, and one that would take many years to accomplish. But it is something that has education in mind at all times. I want to learn, every year, of every minute. Whether it be in school through various degrees or gaining experience through various different firms and positions of work. The end goal is to have my own firm, preferably as a design-build firm but I would be happy as well as someone who runs a purely design firm who specializes in everything from schematics to design development, maybe even construction documentation. But with all that being said, no one knows what the future holds and I’m sure something will come up that will peak my interest.

Fang_Dream Career

Before I get to college, I have never thought about I would get into architecture one day. I was not even sure about what I am going to do in the future when I need to pick a major for college. So, I was chosen to study business management as I first wanted to become a hotel manager. However, after a year of studying in business, I didn’t feel I was enjoying during the studying process and couldn’t see myself to work in this field. Because my cousin was graduated from NYCCT and currently working as a drafter for a firm, so we had some conversation about this field, and I decided to switch my major to architecture. As being an architect student for three years, I was found myself been having more and more interest in what I was learning and want to pursue to study more along this path.

As for my dream job, I would like to work as a drafter in either license or not.  So for my short term goal is to get my bachelor degree in BTech degree from NYCCT and would like to get an internship from a small firm to help me to get experience from each phase of producing a drawing set, because what we learned in college are just some basic skills that we might in the future job, but when we enter the actual working field, we need to learn a lot more in order to make us to be in the higher level in the job, so it is better to start internship in a small firm to get basic knowledge of different phase of a project from the beginning to the end. For the long-term goal might be to work in a bigger firm and gain as much experience as possible and hopefully able to pass the ARE to become a RA someday.