Richardson_Case Study #2

Through the research some of the risks of an owner hiring consultants without consulting the architect would be as fallows. There is a high risk of poor communication between all parties. This would be caused by a lack of leadership with in the project if the necessary protocols aren’t fallowed where the architect is the team coordinator with a General Contractor. If they are not using the resource of the architects professional hiring experience and knowledge for finding a reliable contractor or trades people, there could be trade issues during the build faze. The architect could be taking on certain risks as well if they are not familiar with the consultants being hired. One example would be if they must chase down these consultants to finish the project, this could result in a loss of profit for the architect later. If something goes wrong during the project, it is more complicated to find the source and resolve. Each party I believe would be taking on a high-risk for-profit loss or issues related to a lack of communication caused by poor management.

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  1. Hi Evelyn Would you post this writing in the Case Study #1 category or page. It is our first case study although you had example 2. I know the numbers are confusing. I’ll use names for the others.

    What does the class think about the second diagram?

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