Alex Saeteros Case Study 7: Ambitious Project Manager

Alex Saeteros
September 13, 2019
Arch 4861 Professional Practice
Prof. Mishara

Case 7: Ambitious Project Manager


All in all, after reading and analyzing case 7 I have come in conclusion that it isn’t the Project Manager (PM) fault. I have my reason as to why I defend him. The project bid was at $51,000,000 million dollars and the only person who can negotiate the bid price is the Architect. The Architect has the responsibility to negotiate or came to an agreement if he wants the project bid to be high or low, he decides. I also think that the Project Manager (PM) was treated unfairly because in the case it states that “during one year of construction, the PM lost his project engineer and was not allowed to replace him with any experienced help”. Other things that happened along was that “he had to hire from outside” and “he also did not receive any home office supervisory help”. The thing that was strange and odd was that “the Officer in Charge (OIC) would meet him for lunch once a month at a remote site”. These reasons have led me to agree and conclude that it isn’t the Project Manager (PM) fault that the project bid has gone up to $51 million and I think that the Project Manager (PM) was treated unfair during this whole issue.

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