Singh2_Case Study #1-2

In this situation, there will be a lack of communication and understanding from all parties. The owner risks many delays and missed deadlines because he has expected individual parties to communicate with each other and organize themselves without a general contractor. This will be chaotic and time-consuming as private designers, material specialists, and subcontractors also have to communicate with the architects. The owner expects each firm to communicate with each other rather than having groups of firms reporting to a general contractor who will then communicate to the architect. The designers and contractors will be delayed in their work because there will be a multitude of parties in which they will need to communicate and confirm plans. This will be very chaotic because each party is specializing in a specific department and in therefore no clear judgment will be established.

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  1. I agree to put it simply. Also all parties are taking on a large risk for profit loss, because of this lack of communication. So in the end is the owner really saving money, is the question I kept thinking about.

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