Alex Saeteros Dream Career

Alex Saeteros
September 13, 2019
Arch 4861 Professional Practice
Prof. Mishara

Dream Career

Growing up as a kid my father was a construction worker. Till this day he stills works in construction and what amazed me from my dad is that he has knowledge and experience on multiple fields in construction. For ex, electrical work, installation of appliances, carpentry, plumbing, drywalling, insulation, tilling, and painting. This is how I got involved in the architecture and construction area.

My Interest in Architecture comes from middle school. My dad had bought a house in the year of 2008. So, he wanted to remodel the house, so he had to hire an architect. When I used to come from school to my house, I would always do my homework in the living room. The architect would come and discuss with my dad on materials or how certain things could go. When the Architect came, he would bring floor plans of house to shows us. Me being a curios little kid would go and stared at the floor plans, so he and my dad caught me looking at the floor plans and the architect told my dad he is going to become in architect in the future. That’s how my interest in architecture grew.

When I was in 8th grade I was applying for high school and I wanted to go to “High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture”. I Unfortunately didn’t go because I didn’t have good grades that the high school required. I ended up going and graduating from Newtown High School. In high school I was applying for colleges and I was accepted to New York City College of Technology.

While being in college and working. I was able to gain more experience on the construction side but not yet on a firm. Thanks to my cousin who is a subcontractor I was working with him and gaining more experience. I had come to my new job with some experience that I gain while I was helping my dad, when he was remodeling his house. I learned a lot in a construction site like how to build a wall, what stuff makes up a wall, stuff like that, and electrical work.

My dream career would be in having my own company in construction and becoming a contractor. I was more towards the construction side of architecture in an early age due to my father and older cousin. My idea is to go through that path where I had already experience working a having hand on the job. My plan is to gain and become a professional contractor and then open my own business and start working under my name as a boss.


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