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Jamar Dinall
New York City College of Technology
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-Dream Career

         On my last lap at the New York City College of Technology my future plan is to own a business/ firm. However, I see myself working for the government doing major city projects. The main reason I would like to work with the city is that it will open my knowledge more to better opportunities. Overall, for my career goals I want to be a license architect and from having a license this will push me more on owning my business. Also, I am interested in doing international work for example working back home in my country Jamaica West Indies. The main reason I list more than one career goals to focus on is that I don’t want to settle for only one career I want to enlarge my skills to do more than one things in life. From a young age growing up I always motivate myself because from deep inside I know am capable of doing one or more things during the same time period. However, I have plan that after I graduate from college I will be doing like two jobs just to learn more in the architecture field.

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  1. Jamar, In the long run, I think you will benefit from having multiple goals. However I think you need to have a tentative sequence of goals. For example gaining experience and becoming a licensed architect may be primary. But working for a firm which does international work may help you accomplish another goal.

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