Leon_Dream Career

Ever since I was young, I was amazed how tall buildings could get. And how structure of the buildings was different. I lived in Mexico for about two years at the age of 7, every day I walk to school I would see how people would construct their homes. Some would have finished brick and concrete homes others half unfinished. But some people would make their homes out of scraps of sheet metals. That is when I got interested in buildings. Came back to the states and had a connection with building toys and then when we bought furniture from ikea I helped build all the furniture with my father.

That is when I knew I wanted to become an Architect or just work in that field, that is why I study to be an architect. An architect is not just someone that makes buildings. He is someone that influences others by his amazing imagination and creativity, one that designs structures out of the ordinary to make people comfortable in their environment.

Now I’m on my 3 year in architectural mayor I have learn a lot of skills beside just designing, I have learned how to use different programs and how to express myself. My dream career is to became a license Architect here in New York or even get a second license from a different state depending if I move out. But also to have my own firm but a fabrication firm that consists or CNC milling, laser cutting and 3D printing, and also a professional rendering firm. Ever since I learn how to render my own projects it opened my eyes to technology how houses or buildings in general could look before it is made and having a fabrication firm to make costume products and furniture. Taking this path could be better for me because I could always work from home doing renderings. Which is one of my dreams to just work from home. Technology is the future, and I want to keep learning and see how much further can we learn with technology.