As an architectural student my dream career is to build my own firm in New York City. However, I wish to begin my career by working with the city of New York and hopefully gain experience in urban planning. I believe that there is no other better city than to learn from and practice development and design of land use. The reason for me wanting to learn urban planning is because it can teach me how to regulate the use of space better which is very important for an architect during the design process of a building or any other structure. Another reason I believe that urban planning can help me in becoming a better designer is because it also focuses on the economic functions and social impacts of the environment and on the different activities within the location. One of the most important factors that interests me about urban planning is the transportation system which is currently one the main issues that New York City is facing right now involving the use of bike lanes in the streets. In conclusion urban planning is very important to society because it keeps the city healthy and safe.

Ultimately my career goal is to gain my architect license from the State of New York and build my own firm. I enjoy the process of designing my own buildings and hopefully being able to see how they come to life and form part of they New York City skyline. Also, I enjoy working within a team on a project because I believe that the contribution of other members can help create a better result. In the end becoming an architect in New York City and being able to practice this profession in this city is very beneficial since this city is the home of important architectural history.

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