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Painting with lights

I felt like this one was my best photo because the lights just go with the motion. The expressions on their faces makes the photo even more dynamic and strong. What was basically going on here was that we had … Continue reading

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In this photo I really like the motion of those who are in the air. This photo shows depth of field. Overall what brings my attention is the expression on the subjects faces and motions. In this photo which shows … Continue reading

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Class Portrait 2

What I enjoy about this picture is first of all the lighting.  This is an example of split light because the subject is looking forward and the light is directly at the face. I also find this picture interesting because … Continue reading

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Lighting Potrait

In this photo which I thought it was my favorite, I realized that on one side of the face there’s a lot of light and the other side there’s a shadow. There’s shadows in the eyes and also shadow in … Continue reading

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Aperture Foundation

Jon-Anthony Montaz                                                                                                                     9/28/16 COMD 2330 In the class trip to the exhibit called the Aperture Foundation, it was a great experience that I will never forget. First of all the surroundings in this exhibit was very peaceful. So peaceful that … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge Park

When taking pictures at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, my favorite photo that I took was the picture of the fly. The visual qualities of this photo was the focus was very clear. Meaning all eyes was meant to be on … Continue reading

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Composition and Camera Angle: Symmetry

This photograph was taken by me and my partner and its basically a low angle symmetrical photo of a chair. I really enjoyed this picture out of the five pictures my partner and I have chosen because its clear on … Continue reading

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Jon-Anthony Montaz                                                                                                     8/25/16 Digital Photography   The photograph that caught my attention the most was a photo taken by Thomas Holton which is called “AFTER 35 YEARS, GLADYS IS RETIRING”. In this photo it indicates a women looking outside of … Continue reading

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What makes a great photograph?

A great photograph is basically a crystal clear image. When I say crystal clear I mean a image thats easy to read.A image that is very detailed and where theres no blurriness is an example of a great image. Most … Continue reading

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