LL5-Portrait Lighting


I like this photo because the lighting looks so soft and it kind of matches his facial expression. Also I like the reflection in his eye. It gives you more realistic feeling.
In terms of the composition, this photo stands out when we compare each one’s photos. So  I learned that having a interesting composition is good to gaining interest.

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Alex Web Exhibit

This image I really liked because of its simplicity and depth. I think it was interesting how the shadows where used. They are overlapped witch gives it a strange feeling of a big head o a small body. What is also strange is that shadow on the top of the head it looks like a weird antenna on the persons head. I think that the scenery is just amazing it really brings you into the area and makes you feel like you were they taking the picture yourself. The lighting brings a peaceful feeling to it. The area is not cluttered with a bunch of objects or people. This is an great image.


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Shutter Speed and Capturing Motion


I find this photo interesting because of the red jacket that stands out, it is the first thing that caught my eye when viewing this photo. My group and I decided to photograph other students who just happened to walk by us. We set the shutter speed to 1.6 so that it would be slow enough to capture the motion of the individuals who were passing by.

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Composition and Camera Angle: Chair


This is photo is a symmetrical composition. Achieving this was rather easy because my group members and I were able to line up the chair with the lines on the floor. I also noticed that the lights in ceiling was also a factor that was used to compose this photo because the line of lights are set perfectly on the left side of the chair. What’s also interesting about this photo is the deep space. You notice that continuation of the hallway because everything that is further from the camera is a lot smaller.

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Painting with Light


This picture was taken in a few ways. First, the camera set a timer and the flash on. Second, I stay still. Third, my group members will bring devices with different color paper and have their flashlight wrap around the paper. Then the picture will come out like this. It was hard not to move and to bring the picture at a composition like this. I like this picture because it feels like as if I have powers and my group members made an excellent circle.

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Shutter Speed and Capturing


This picture was set on a timer. I like it a lot. It looks like I’m about to start running. It looks blurry but it gets people attention when it comes to shutter speed. When I am looking at this picture it reminds of a television show called “The Flash.” The reason for this is because of how fast I am spinning the chair.

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Portrait Lighting For Mood


In the picture, it shows a dark background while there is some light hitting half of my face and the other side of my face shows a little detail. This is the type of picture that is suppose to be serious. I am not suppose to stare at the camera but I’m suppose to look at a different angle. A serious picture is a picture where somebody doesn’t show any emotions.

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Lighting Portrait


This picture was taken using two different sources of light which were a box with different color background and a light meter. We had the flash set up when setting the aperture and ISO from the light meter in order to take the picture that was expected to take depending on the background color. I noticed that there is too much light in the subject face and I can see a little part of his shadow in the background.

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Light painting

Light painting

This inclass project of exploring our creativity of painting with light was fun.There were so many trial and errors
When it came to finding the right composition as well as capturing and slowing down the shutter speed on the camera. This image of me is my favorite because I nearly made a perfect circle, and I also liked my expression that I made. I experiment with other color versions of the pose that I was doing, but this was
The better one that I pick clarity wise.

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Painting with light


This photo was inspired by an anime cartoon named naruto. Although Justine was the one who suggested this visual photo task she had, although we got it done, I had no idea it would of came out this nice. I feel that the photo shows a decisive moment and emotions as if I were actually holding a blue light that mimics the shape of a cylinder or circle shape. Both subjects in the picture have the same emotional expression and seem to be looking at the “electric ball”… The shutter speed that was being used was at a 13 second time frame with an aperture of ƒ/14.0 with an 100 ISO. Using 2 lights, a fill and a main the photo and the essence of this moment was captured to perfection.

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