Jon-Anthony Montaz                                                                                                     8/25/16

Digital Photography


The photograph that caught my attention the most was a photo taken by Thomas Holton which is called “AFTER 35 YEARS, GLADYS IS RETIRING”. In this photo it indicates a women looking outside of a window at the view of the ocean. From the looks of it, it seems that this person is really inspired and at peace just looking at nature. As if she doesn’t want to leave from where she’s at and all she wants is to be left alone just so she can enjoy what’s ahead of her. When I look at this picture, I look at it as even though this woman maybe stuck in a place where she doesn’t want to be, she knows that there’s still hope left right in front of her for a better life. The best is yet to come as she continues to look ahead and move forward. Now the intentions of the photographer were to create a story behind this photo. Based on the photographer, the story behind this photo is basically about a woman who plans to retire and begin a whole new life. The purpose of this image is to demonstrate the comfort and relaxation that this person is in when she’s looking out the window thinking about life.

In addition, the three of the formal elements from the Steve McCurry video that are important in the photo that I selected are framing, figure to ground and symmetry.  The photographer used framing by having the window shaped as a circle. Framing are basically used in natural frames like windows and doors. Now when it came to figure to ground, the photographer used this element when it came to the subject which is the women and the background which is the ocean. Now we have symmetry. Symmetry is shown in horizon of the ocean which separates the water with the women and the sky.


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  1. rmichals says:

    Thinking about the story that Holton wants to tell about Gladys, I think it is important that the picture you picked is the last photo in the story. I think what she sees out the window is a bit mixed. yes, its calm and peaceful but it is also empty. Maybe even lonely.

    The formal elements you picked are very strong in this photo. The circle inside the frame is very graphic and visually engaging. The relationship of the woman to the background tells the story of the photo and lastly it is symmetrical. if you were to fold it in half the two sides would be close to equal.

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