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Painting with light

This photo was inspired by an anime cartoon named naruto. Although Justine was the one who suggested this visual photo task she had, although we got it done, I had no idea it would of came out this nice. I … Continue reading

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Shutter Speed and capturing motion

In this photo you can see a mix of motion/blur and still/clear movements happening simultaneously. The photo was set up with a 10 second time frame before the photo was shot automatically, two of the people in my group were … Continue reading

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Lighting Mood

What I like in this picture is the off guard expression on my face. Of course the lighting is seen as a key element to portray the mood, but to me if this were a moment in a movie scene … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting

This photo was taken of me from group 4 during the in class photo shoot. It is my favorite and displays the best lighting out of all the other portrait-lighting photos in my opinion. In this photo the only lighting … Continue reading

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Favorite photograph: Flower (lily) – lighting (not the monument hw)

During a class photoshoot session the students were split into groups to take photos of flowers. During my groups shoot we were able to use the soft box with the light and the focusing grid which does not shine as … Continue reading

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Aperture Foundation – Elijah Lugo

During my visit to the Chelsea district after passing┬áover the Manhattan city streets while walking on the high line I visited the Aperture Foundation gallery. It was a photo exhibit that looked like a private gallery or very small museum … Continue reading

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Elijah Lugo Digital Photography (A day at D.U.M.B.O) – composition-pattern, rule of thirds

This photo was taken by me (Elijah Lugo) at the Brooklyn Bridge park/Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass also known as D.U.M.B.O. Many elements are seen but the main one that is obvious is a frame within a frame. The … Continue reading

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Composition and camera angle: Close Up

This Photograph taken by me, while me and my partner were shooting this stool at many angles and positions, was taken “Close Up.” Although it wasn’t an extreme close-up, an audience or observer can easily identify the stool being a … Continue reading

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Photograph Description – Michael Kenna – New York Michael Kenna is an english photographer who was┬áborn in 1953. Michael Kenna is well known for his black-and-white, square-format landscapes, taken in locations all over the world. He has published more than 20 books of his photography and exhibited … Continue reading

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What makes a great photograph?

A great photograph consists of the message, mood and/or emotion in which is being shown or displayed. Sometimes a great photo becomes a theme or describes/shows a┬áscene,┬áperson/place or┬áthing to convey a specific message. Photos can be fun and some photos … Continue reading

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