Portrait Lighting


This photo was taken of me from group 4 during the in class photo shoot. It is my favorite and displays the best lighting out of all the other portrait-lighting photos in my opinion. In this photo the only lighting that was used was the main light using the soft box and the background light. Because of my position while sitting on a stool and the angle my head was is in, in comparison to my body, the portrait lighting came out  almost perfect. The lighting makes the photo look as if it were an edited high school picture day photo especially because of my smile. There is a shadow being casted on one side of my face in which the light was obviously on the opposite side. But what made this photo even more significant than the others was the background light glow that shows lighting or a glow almost perfectly equal above my shoulders but not past the top of my head. Lastly I’m pretty sure someone from my group was holding a silver fill close to the side of my face where it is darker than the other which also gave this portrait even more of a glow. This portrait photo uses 3 point lighting but can also be seen as if it were taking using broad or short because of skin complexion and clothing.

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  1. rmichals says:

    This photo does use three point lighting-the main light the fill whether a reflector of an actual light, and a background light. If the subject’s face is at a 3/4 view then it can ALSO be either broad or short light. Here you turn a little to the side. its almost a 3/4 view but not quite.

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