Favorite photograph: Flower (lily) – lighting (not the monument hw)


During a class photoshoot session the students were split into groups to take photos of flowers. During my groups shoot we were able to use the soft box with the light and the focusing grid which does not shine as much light. This photo is and was my favorite photo that someone from my group took. It is my favorite because it looks like a painting, a colored pencil sketch and a photo all in one just because of the lighting and the lighting position. The other photos were nice as well but seemed like very high quality photos with different lighting which can be interesting and was to me but not as interesting as this photo which was one of the first photos shot during the class session. The lighting direction was neither backlight, or side light, it was more just straight on or in photography terms known as “Front light(ing)” and the best part is that the flower didn’t cast too much of a shadow because of the soft box we used, this is known as a soft shadow because of the direct light.

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