The Fragile Flower

The fragile flower

The fragile flower

This weeks main topic was lighting direction with flowers.At first I was really excited that we was going to use a back drop with a light bulb source. It took us a while to set up how we wanted to place the flower to get the right composition, testing the aperture to get the best lighting and quality on the canon 50d I believe we used and what I mean by “we”I’m referring to my group. As we took turns taking photos I realized that our flower was falling apart 🙁 so we took the initiative to use the fallen petal of our flower to some use. I had this idea that we should take a picture of the flower while I drop the petal in front of the camera in the process to capture motion. I can honestly, say it was the best decision. Because we was taking pictures of the same thing over and over so we just added a little spice to it to make the photo seem intriguing.

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