Shutter Speed and capturing motion


In this photo you can see a mix of motion/blur and still/clear movements happening simultaneously. The photo was set up with a 10 second time frame before the photo was shot automatically, two of the people in my group were constantly moving while the other two were still. What this photo captures is an emotional state of being, whether its hectic, scary, or crazy, and thats what makes the photo interesting. The photo looks as if it were shot purposely but at the same time seems to have captured a decisive moment. This photograph was taken at a shutter speed of 2 and a focal length of 68.0 mm.


I feel that the frozen motion pose that this photo captures explains everything, the emotion, feeling, and of course the shutter speed. I enjoyed running and then jumping along with the people in my group just to capture this moment, which was what I pictured or hoped that it would look if attempted. This photo portrays an exciting, intense moment as if the three of us who are caught in mid air are attacking the helpless one, Jesus Munoz. Although the lighting wasn’t so great and could have been adjusted with some fixes on either the iso or aperture, I feel the photo still gets the job done when considering the fact that this is what we were aiming for, to be caught at our highest peek when jumping in mid air. The shutter speed in this photo was set at 1/500 and a focal length of 44.0 mm as well as an aperture of ƒ/5.0 and an iso of 3200.

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