Composition and camera angle: Close Up


This Photograph taken by me, while me and my partner were shooting this stool at many angles and positions, was taken “Close Up.” Although it wasn’t an extreme close-up, an audience or observer can easily identify the stool being a stool and maybe identify the window sill in the background. What is interesting in this photo is that if you look close you might see that the top of the stool (the seat) curves along the window sill in which it was not sitting up against. The photo also reminds me of  panorama because the window sill almost seems as if it curves as well. The camera angle is  seen as if it were taken horizontal but that was not the objective of this shot which came out calm, clear and almost perfect as a close up, especially because of the minor details seen such as the nails on the seat, the sticky dirt on the foot of the stool. and the curve/dents of the metal seat.

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