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Journal entry #4

It is my second official day on the job from home of course; remember I mentioned the office is under construction due to renovations. So Scott sends me an email with several artist names in the body of the email, he tells me to create promotional cards similar but not the same as the examples attached in the email. From the looks of the previous work, they do not seem difficult, so I started the first one right away. Quickly after starting, I realized he did not include any direction. So I figured I would just read the selected photographers’ online profiles to get a feel for their styles and personality. Usually, you can pick up on a sense of who someone is by his/her work or, at least, this is the way I was conditioned, so after skimming through the work of an artist that Scott selected. I would choose the photos I felt worked best together and import them into Adobe’s Photoshop. I begin by resizing and arranging the photos until I find that perfect harmony that creates a visually stunning promotional card. In all honesty, this was my first time putting together a collage, and it was harder than I had initially presumed. After finishing up and exporting as a Jpeg, I would place all the cards in an email and send it to Scott. After submitting the work, it was time to wait for feedback. Scott replied and just as I anticipated, of course, changes would be needed. I knew this would happen not because I lacked confidence in my work but because of the little to no direction that was giving. Scott wanted the promotional cards to be smaller; he also mentioned how he liked a font that I used for one of the artist names, and he wanted that to be the same on every card. There were also changes to make to some of the photos I selected so that he would say use photos from the fashion accessory section for this artist; this is the kind of direction Scott should have given in the beginning. Either way, I made the corrections, and he was pleased with the revised versions.

Journal entry #3

On Wednesday after my interview the class met, and I had already started working for Scott’s agency ArtWing NY. I believe this is the class’s 3rd official meeting, but this was the 1st for me. This professor is cool, those were my thoughts as I entered the room; I could not wait to share the news with him. Landed my first internship on my first try and it was all thanks to him. Professor Mason had everyone doing introductions and asked for us to speak about our current status, basically, if we had internships or not. So for me this was great it felt like the first day of class, I realized not everyone had secured an internship yet, so I felt pretty fortunate. When it was my turn, I said my first and last name, my major, expected graduation date; and about how Professor Mason gave me the lead for my current internship. I told everyone that I was interning for ArtWing NY. I went on to explain that it is a fashion photography agency, and I would be creating promotional pieces for the photographers represented by the ArtWing NY. Scott also asked my during the interview if I knew anyone that would be interested in an internship focused on the web design. So I passed on the message to those in the class that did not have an internship as yet. I also explained that I would be working remotely because the office is currently being renovated. So on the bright side I get to work from home without any supervision, but on the other hand I wanted to experience working in the office. If I were in the office I feel like there would be more opportunity to network and build relationships with the photographers.

Journal entry #2

In the first email I sent to Scott Buchheit, I introduced myself; explaining that I attend the New York City of Technology, and Professor Mason gave me your contact. Scott asked about my skills, so I described what I could do and then told him I can send over a PDF with some examples of my work. Scott then asked what day/s would I be available to work. After checking my schedule, Tuesday seemed like the best day to dedicate. Scott asks if I were free next Tuesday for an interview, of course, I agreed because securing an internship was number one on my list of priorities. Scott then explained that he is also producing a photo shoot, so we should meet at Bean and Bean on 8th Avenue since the shoot is in that area. There was no dress code for this interview, and I was told to bring whatever I wanted him to see. I prepared some of my best work and transferred the files to my IPad and brushed up on some basic HTML since he asked if I had any experience with the web design/coding. As Tuesday got closer I remembered Scott told me to confirm the interview, so wrote an email to confirm our meeting for tomorrow 1 pm at Bean and Bean coffee shop on 8th Avenue. Early Tuesday morning Scott sent an email changing the interview time from 1 pm to 3:30 pm that was fine. I made my way to the city to meet Scott at Bean and Bean; by the way, we never exchanged phone numbers. I arrived at the coffee shop with no idea of what Scott looked like or where he would be sitting, so I sent another email. Scott quickly replied and told me he was sitting closest to the door. I walked over; it looked as if Scott was finishing up another meeting. The interview was over in less than ten minutes he explained that I would be creating promotional pieces for his photographers. Scott hired me on the spot, but to honest the interview felt more casual meeting just to put a face to our names.

Journal entry #1

On the first day of class I was completely late, in fact, I was so late that I missed the entire class. Now this did not happen because of my poor time management skills, but this happened because of a schedule mix up. I kept switching between the sections that were available, and at some point, I printed the wrong program. So I thought my class was for six o’clock, but the class was actually for 2:30 pm to 5 pm. I arrived a quarter before six with a smile believing that I was on time, which is the ideal way to start the first class. Standing outside of a closed door awaiting the professor’s arrival, I noticed nearby were no other students waiting just me. Time was moving rather fast, and it was after 6 pm, so I found the situation strange. I decided to ask someone in the department if they could direct me to the professor or the internship class. That is when I found out the class ended at 5 pm, but the instructor was currently on the 6th-floor teaching, so I made my way downstairs where I saw Professor Mason but interrupting his class would’ve been selfish. So I decided to send him an email explaining the situation. At this point, I figured my best bet was to show up the following week, now that I knew the time. A week later I arrived a little before 2:30 pm and ran into the same problem, which led to frustration since I knew the time and place to be. What I did not know was that the class met every other week. This raised a panic because I did not secure an internship yet and I had no idea how this would affect me. Luckily I got in contact with Professor Mason and met with him during his office hours. I explained my situation about not having an internship, and we discussed a few possibilities. Professor Mason suggested I reach out to Scott Buchheit from ArtWing NY since he is currently looking for a student to fill an unexpected internship vacancy.