Week 6 – First day in Women’s Press!

My first day in WPC was on a Saturday morning. Its down by the industrial part of Brooklyn and two train stops away from City tech. I took the F train to Smith 9th st and walk about 10 mins passed Lows parking lot. The office is located in a small building on the 2nd floor which is shared with two other private offices. One of a freelance painter and another of a sculptor. I met the director Lisa Daniels who gave me and a couple of other new interns an orientation on what she did and what women’s press collective was truly about. She stated that it was a volunteer-based organization that relyed on donations for supplies as well as their rent. They depend on donations because they help people in the communities free of charge. People come to WPC when they have a message they want to put out or a project to better themselves or the community. The interns such as myself would then go and help one of those people execute the designing portion of the project.

Overall my first week there I wasn’t given any personal projects but I got to get to know the printing press and help Lisa with organizing files as well as brainstorm some ideas for the upcoming magazine she wanted to work on. She showed me a couple of images she wanted to place in the Collective Magazine. Being that I do photography she wanted my opinion on what images worked well with each other and how to convert the images into b/w while still keeping the same resolution. We went through many photos and placed them in files for the different articles. She stated she wanted me to be in charge of anything pertaining to all the photos in the magazine when she finished figuring out what exact articles she would be putting in.